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Sleep apnea is a rather dangerous disease that afflicts millions of Americans. It’s more than just loud snoring that annoys your sleep partner. Because sleep apnea causes you to stop breathing for only a few seconds, but over and over, you never drift into deep sleep. You don’t even know you’re waking up. But your body knows because the next day, you are sleepy, cranky, unfocused and may have other unpleasant side effects. Worst of all, sleep apnea can cause lasting damage such as heart disease.

Dr. Kitzmiller, a sleep apnea sufferer himself, has made it his business to help people in the Cincinnati, Milford and Loveland area who suffer from sleep apnea. He has several plans to help those who have the insurance to cover CPap machines. But for those who can’t, he has developed The Breath of Life that allows him to gather unused or non-working Cpap machines, repair them, and then give them to people who need them but cannot afford one.

The Breath of Life is indeed what it is. Being able to get a good night’s sleep is not only a relief to your sleep partner, it can be a lifesaver to the sleep apnea sufferer.

  • Breath of Life CPAP Donation Program
  • In the fall of 2011, Dr. Kitzmiller and his wife Lori created an entity called “Breath of Life” – a CPAP donation program whereby gently used CPAP machines can be donated, refurbished and given to patients in need through our affiliation with the TriHealth Bethesda Butler Sleep Center.
  • Do you have a CPAP that you would like to donate? Call Lori at 513-248-8848 to make your donation drop off plans!
  • A patient in need will thank you for giving them “The Breath of Life”!
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