Healthy Humpday – The Importance of Exercise and Running

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What if everybody ran? (Or even exercised just 15 minutes per day?)

Happy Humpday once again from Dr. Kitzmiller’s office! For the past few weeks we’ve focused solely on nutrition. Today, we wanted to spend some time discussing the importance of daily exercise and more importantly running. We recently read an article (Men’s Health Magazine) that discussed how consistent running or exercise can drastically change the well-being of the our world. Below are some of the beneficial aspects of running and exercise that we thought resonated best with our practice:

  1. 32% Better Sleep
    – Here at Dr. Kitzmiller’s office, we truly can’t stress enough the importance of a healthy night’s sleep. When you make time to exercise or run at least 15 minutes per day, your body releases certain chemicals (i.e. endorphins) that help to alleviate stress and ultimately help you feel better. Also, by exercising or running, you increase the amount of blood flow throughout your body which in turn gets more oxygen to the brain. This is of utmost importance in helping you obtain a better night sleep and also lead a healthier lifestyle.
  2. $130 BILLION in Health Care Savings per year
    – It may be hard to fathom that simply exercising and running can help make this drastic of an impact on Health Care. However, think about the obesity epidemic in our country and how much it has affected people over the past 5-10 years. By increasing your exercising output, you won’t have to worry about seeing another “Super Size Me” movie or worry about trying to follow the ongoing Health Care debates.
  3. 20% Stronger Memory
    Have you ever found yourself extremely frustrated in the mornings due to the fact you can’t find something as simple as your car keys? Well by simply exercising or running just 15 minutes per day, you won’t have to run around like a madman in the morning looking for those keys! Going hand-in-hand with the better sleep above, exercising and running allows more oxygen to get to the brain allowing it to operate at optimum levels. Your brain is a machine and must have constant nourishment. Otherwise, (like other machines) if you neglect it, it will slowly begin to rust and deteriorate.

We hope that this information was helpful and gives you insight to the importance of running or exercising each day. Let us know if this article was helpful or if there are exercise techniques you use to increase your well-being.