Start the New Year Right with Better Dental Habits

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The New Year is all about New Year’s resolutions, but most of us struggle with making those resolutions stick, often because we choose New Year’s resolutions that are too ambitious. If you want to stick to your resolutions this year, consider dental health improvements, many of which really won’t be that difficult to maintain. Here are some better dental habits you can practice in the new year for healthier teeth and overall better dental health.

  • Replace your toothbrush more oftenTimothy Kitzmiller, DDS, Dental Implants, Sleep Apnea Treatments, Eat Healthy

    – A habit that most people should commit to is replacing their toothbrush/toothbrush’s head more often. Bristles that are frayed and worn are far less effective at cleaning your teeth. They wear down faster than most would think, so replace your toothbrush at least every three to four months to ensure a good clean.1

  • Commit to flossing daily

    – Every dentist’s favorite reminder. Flossing with string can be bothersome and frustrating to work with, but new flossing tools on the market have made flossing easier than ever. Floss picks give you greater control of your flossing, allowing you to thoroughly clean even the most difficult to reach teeth. Floss more using floss picks or oral irrigators in the new year to reduce the chances of developing cavities.

  • Drink fluoridated water

    – Some city municipalities have added fluoride to their water systems to prevent tooth decay. Although studies have found prolonged fluoride consumption to be detrimental to brain development, fluoridated water systems maintain only trace amounts to mitigate its harmful long-term effects.2

    If you live in a municipality that doesn’t have fluoridated water, make sure to use toothpaste with fluoride, or purchase a mouthwash/rinse with fluoride to keep teeth strong.

  • Eliminate sugarEating Healthy Timothy Kitzmiller, DDS Cosmetic Dentist

    – Eliminating sugar from your diet yields several benefits and can help you achieve multiple New Year’s resolutions. Taking sugar out of your diet won’t just help your waistline shrink, it’ll also reduce tooth decay considerably.3

    Start with subtle changes and work forward from there. Opt for sugar-free gum, use sugar-free seltzer water in drink mixes and so on. Your waistline, teeth and overall health will thank you in the long run.

  • Commit to seeing your dentist

    – Even if you think your teeth are in good shape, it’s never a good excuse to skip a visit with the dentist. On average, adults should visit their dentist’s office twice a year for a cleaning. Generally X-rays will be taken and your teeth will be thoroughly inspected by the dentist at a cleaning appointment to ensure there aren’t any serious oral health concerns. Despite how good your dental health routines may be, plaque can be resilient and can cause cavities or dental problems. Commit to seeing your dentist twice a year for a cleaning and inspection; your overall dental health will be thankful you did.

Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolution with Timothy Kitzmiller, D.D.S.

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