Healthy Humpday – Holiday Snacks

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healthy snacks dr timothy j kitzmiller dentist

Everyone is familiar with the usual buffet of heavy and often unhealthy snacks at holiday gatherings… cheeses, dips, candy, cookies, chips and crackers- the list is never-ending. Why not try some healthy holiday snacks ( 10 great ideas here) at your next occasion? This past week, Dr. Kitzmiller’s team decided to try some healthier choices during…

Healthy Humpday – Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

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stuffed tenderloin ingredients

Last night, Lori make a quick and also high-class meal: Stuffed Pork tenderloin. Not only did it look awesome, but the flavors were amazing! This dish truly is simplicity at its finest! Only 5-10 minutes to assemble and 40 minutes to bake! Easy enough for a weeknight meal (you could be helping with homework or…

Healthy Humpday- Cedar Plank Salmon

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Cedar Plank Salmon package - Dr. Kitzmiller

This past Monday was Lori and Dr. Kitzmiller’s anniversary, so we decided to treat them to dinner on their special day! The meal was delicious and very easy on my part (thanks to prepackaged salmon and frozen veggies!). I asked Lori to share a couple of her “from scratch” recipes that I will try in…

Healthy Humpday – Southwest Chicken Wraps

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Chicken Wraps Ingredients

Last weekend we had friends out to the lake for an end of summer get together. I wanted an easy to prepare, delicious, summer-friendly lunch item, so we decided to make Southwest Chicken Wraps from various leftover ingredients. This Southwest Chicken salad was as delicious inside of a flour tortilla as it was mounded on…

Healthy Humpday – All About Zucchini!

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Zucchini on Plant

Last weekend Lori visited an organic vegetable container garden where they let her pick her own zucchini! On Monday, Lori, Heather, Denise, and Kristy started comparing favorite healthy recipes using this year’s awesome crop! Kristy made a chocolate zucchini cake that was delicious with coffee.          Heather and Lori each made skillet sautéed…

Healthy Humpday – Stuffed Peppers

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Stuffed Pepper Ingredients

Stuffed peppers are another great pre-made, yet HEALTHY, weeknight dinner! Not only are they high in protein and low in calories, but did you know that bell peppers also pack a TON of vitamins?? Mainly vitamins B & C  which are essential in helping increase your metabolism! Also, the peppers serve as a great little…

Healthy Humpday – BEACH foods

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Summer is right around the corner, and you know what that means: BEACH SEASON! We know how hard it is to get into shape especially with all the temptations of fast food, as well as building up the motivation to exercise in this humid Ohio weather. However, Shape Magazine has some great food tips to…

Healthy Humpday – Blackened Tilapia and Greek Salad

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Lori, our sleep treatment coordinator, recently went on a weekend trip with a good friend to Ft. Lauderdale, FL… and raved to all of us about a light, extremely flavorful blackened fish and Greek Salad she had on the beach! We all wondered, what DOESN’T taste amazing about sitting oceanside with your toes in the…

Healthy Humpday: Asian-style Fish and Noodle Bowl

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Most of us will admit to having made a packet of Ramen noodles as dinner! This recipe takes the college dorm-room staple and elevates it to a delicious, filling, and healthy meal. Skip the take-out and enjoy the flavors of this Asian-inspired, delicious, homemade bowl! Ingredients ( We recommend using either Cod, Swai, or Tilapia…

Healthy Humpday – White Bean Chicken Chili

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One pot dinners are perfect for busy weeknights and easy cleanup! And if you make a pot of chili, like our White Bean Chicken Chili, on Sunday, dinner prep is as easy as reheat on the stove and toss a salad! For a hearty, zesty addition to this dinner, make a batch of cornbread Johnnycakes…