Veneers Explained For Cincinnati Dental Patients

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porcelain veneers price Cincinnati

Hello! We are so glad you came to the Milford dental health blog. This is the place where we take the time to answer some of the questions cosmetic dentistry patients in the Cincinnati area are curious about. Today we are discussing veneers. You may have heard the word veneer used in conjunction with cosmetic…

Affordable Milford Cosmetic Dentistry

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Affordable Milford Cosmetic Dentistry

Will your Ohio dental insurance cover cosmetic dental procedures? Many Cincinnati dentistry patients assume their dental insurance won’t cover any cosmetic dental procedures. This is probably true for tooth bleaching or first time dental bonding. However, many Ohio dental insurance plans and dental supplemental plans cover orthodontia and any treatment needed to repair damage from…

5 Reasons For Montgomery To Choose Cosmetic Dentistry

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cost of dental crowns Cincinnati

When was the last time you looked into the mirror? Were you totally satisfied by what you saw? If the answer is, “Not really,” then you may want to check out at these 5 great reasons to talk to your Cincinnati dentist about cosmetic dentistry procedures. 1. The first reason is that a little cosmetic…

7 Steps For A Healthy Smile In Cincinnati

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Cincinnati Extreme Smile Makeover

 ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ Benjamin Franklin coined this phrase in the 1730s as advice for fire safety. However, like all timeless quotes, it applies to many more aspects of Cincinnati, Loveland, and Montgomery life, particularly dental health. Keeping your smile beautiful and healthy is done most effectively with preventative…

Restoring Smiles At Timonthy J Kitzmiller DDS In Milford

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Restoring Smiles at Timonthy J Kitzmiller DDS in Milford

A great smile is essential for putting your best face forward. At Timonthy J Kitzmiller DDS, we not only restore teeth to their original condition; we make many Cincinnati smiles better than they ever were before! Some patients have only a few problems they wish to correct. Perhaps one or two teeth are misshapen and…