Timothy J. Kitzmiller, DDS: Extreme Dentist?

Well, not quite. But he’s certainly qualified! If you’re wondering what we mean, you need simply tune in to ABC television’s hit program, “Extreme Makeover.” There you will see cosmetic dentistry experts applying the latest and greatest techniques—such as the ZOOM® teeth whitening system and artfully crafted porcelain veneers—to effect beautiful smile makeovers.

Like the dentists featured on that program, Dr. Kitzmiller relies on these advanced techniques to create your beautiful new smile. His curriculum vitae is filled with credentials that mirror those of the cosmetic experts who take part in the makeovers depicted on the show; his training is as advanced as theirs, and his skills are as impressive. Please contact us to find out just how achievable your own “extreme makeover” can be! (Sorry, we won’t be able to pair a new nose or a flatter stomach with your new smile, but at least you won’t have to travel halfway across the country to achieve your goal.)