Botox® and Dermal Fillers

Improve Facial Aesthetics in Cincinnati

If you are looking to get a real smile makeover that will brighten your looks, you may want to consider the other cosmetic treatments that Dr. Kitzmiller offers to his Cincinnati, Milford and Loveland neighbors. Along with fabulous cosmetic dentistry treatments like dental veneers and teeth whitening, Dr. Kitzmiller offers Botox and JUVEDERM® near Cincinnati, to further enhance your facial aesthetics.


cosmetic botox in Cincinnati and Milford OHThey might call them laugh lines, but there’s nothing funny about them! The facial aesthetics treatment offered by Botox is a time-tested procedure that can remove wrinkles and fine lines. Either during your appointment for a dental procedure or one set aside for facial aesthetics treatments, Dr. Kitzmiller can apply a Botox treatment that can smooth out the lines and wrinkles that age your face.

There are several applications for a Botox treatment.

Botox can help a “gummy” smile, meaning your lips move up too far over your gums. With Botox, your lips cover your gums and only reveal your beautiful smile.

Botox can help with teeth grinding because the Botox serum relaxes your muscles. Relaxing these muscles can benefit your overall health. You can avoid wearing down your teeth and reduce the strain on your jaw. If you are suffering from TMD, a Botox treatment can provide relief from your symptoms.

Botox treatment needs to be repeated periodically. Dr. Kitzmiller will partner with you to give you the best information about your treatment plan.

Juvederm® Dermal Fillers

JUVEDERM dermal fillers with a Milford OH dentist near Loveland OHAnother facial aesthetics treatment that Dr. Kitzmiller offers in Milford, OH is JUVEDERM® dermal fillers. The JUVEDERM® dermal fillers treatment uses a collagen serum that smooths out the wrinkles and fine lines that can make you look older than you feel. The JUVEDERM® dermal fillers process is a simple procedure that can be done along with your dental appointment.

Facial Aesthetics

The combination of facial aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry is taking the best of both worlds to give you a look that is all your own. If you are looking for a fresher look, facial aesthetics treatments right here in our comfortable office are an excellent option.

For more information about Botox and JUVEDERM® dermal fillers for patients in Cincinnati, Loveland OH & Milford, call today!