Permanent Dentures Available In Milford OH

permanent dentures with a Cincinnati dentist near Loveland OHIf you are missing all of your teeth, you are probably looking for a way to be able to smile again with confidence. If you are looking for some solutions that can give you a beautiful smile in Cincinnati or Loveland, OH, Drs. Kitzmiller and their fantastic team can offer you several options.

DENTURES | We offer several denture options in Milford OH. One is similar to traditional denture appliances. However, these dentures are high-end, custom dentures that look very natural and are comfortable. High-end, custom dentures are made from the finest materials and are an excellent option for many of our patients.

IMPLANT-SUPPORTED DENTURES | Implant-supported dentures, also called permanent dentures, are an excellent denture option. Permanent dentures are dentures that have been attached to dental implants. Dental implants are small titanium rods that fuse with your jawbone and become a “new” tooth root. Your dentist restores the dental implants with dental crowns. The permanent dentures are then attached to the dental implants.

Advantages of Permanent dentures

  • Permanent dentures are— well—permanent! Dental implants are remarkably durable, sturdy and will probably last your whole life. When permanent dentures are attached to dental implants, they are there just like natural teeth.
  • Permanent dentures look like natural teeth. The dental crowns and the denture apparatus are custom made to look like your natural teeth in size, shape and color. Smile with abandon! Your smile will be fabulous and look totally natural.
  • Permanent dentures function like natural teeth. With other denture types, there may be limited food choices. With permanent dentures, you can eat anything you like.
  • Permanent dentures have few, if any, of the hassles that a traditional denture apparatus has. There is no messy adhesive, and permanent dentures don’t slip, click or fall out.
  • Permanent dentures require no special care. They are almost like your very own teeth. Only they will never get a cavity!

For a beautiful smile, call our office today in Milford, OH! We want to give you a smile you are proud to share every single day. We are eager to meet with you if you are in the Cincinnati area, including Loveland, OH!