General Dentistry

dental hygiene and oral health with a Cincinnati dentist near Loveland OH

General Dentistry by Milford Restorative Dentists

Whether you have broken teeth, missing teeth, severe decay or other major problems, an attractive smile, great dental hygiene and excellent oral health are still within your reach!

Our dentists in Milford and Loveland OH use advanced general dentistry techniques and up-to-the-minute dental technology that are designed to take smiles that are “falling apart” and return them to great dental health, function and appearance!

Our well-trained, experienced and caring general dentists offer complete general dentistry in Milford, Ohio. This means they have a range of methods that can have you eating normally, smiling confidently, and living happily again— no matter the current state of your oral health.

Cleanings for Everyone in Your Family

Dental hygiene is increasingly recognized as an important contributor to overall physical health and well-being. Drs. Kitzmiller and their awesome team, who are all dedicated dental professionals, will evaluate your oral health needs, your dental hygiene, and discuss the options available to you for treatment.

We recognize that some individuals may find dental procedures upsetting, so we have carefully selected a highly-trained team that will listen to your concerns and provide a culturally-sensitive approach to your care.

Both Drs. Kitzmiller provide general dentistry services for adults and children in Milford and Cincinnati, Ohio with the same level of attentive, respectful care that patients have received at our general dentistry practice for 20-plus years. We accept all insurance plans and offer a sliding-fee scale for those who do not have insurance.

Common General Dentistry Treatments

To promote great oral health and excellent dental health near, we offer many general dentistry treatments for you and your loved ones. Some of these treatments include:

family and general dentistry with a Loveland OH dentist Milford OHTEETH CLEANING | to promote excellent dental health while refreshing your smile!

PATIENT EDUCATION | to teach you and your loved ones how to keep your smile healthy and vibrant.

PREVENTATIVE CARE | to help you keep your smile healthy for your entire life.

DENTAL FILLINGS | using white fillings, which are metal-free and considered the healthiest option.

DENTAL INLAYS AND ONLAYS | to repair small cracks, chips or other minor issues with your teeth.

DENTAL SEALANTS | to prevent cavities, especially the deeply grooved molars.

GUM DISEASE TREATMENT | Gum disease can cause bone or tooth loss and other serious health problems. If you are suffering from gum disease, we can find it with OralDNA and get you the treatment you need.

ORAL CANCER SCREENINGS | Our screenings can detect problems early, and we can even help at risk patients prevent mouth cancer.

For your general dentistry needs, including excellent oral health and dental hygiene near Cincinnati, Milford, and Loveland, OH, call today!