Oral Cancer Screening

Mouth Cancer Prevention Here In Milford OH

mouth cancer prevention with a Cincinnati dentist near Loveland OHOne of the leading ideas in dentistry today is what is called the oral/systemic link. What this means is there is a link between your dental health and your overall health. Basically saying, if your mouth is healthy, you have a better chance of enjoying good health generally.

Dr. Kitzmiller adheres to this and offers an oral cancer screening system in Milford OH that can help you stay healthy. The truth is, oral cancer is one of the most fatal cancers–simply because it is diagnosed too late, when the oral cancer has progressed too far. However, the good news is, when oral cancer is diagnosed early, it has a very high recovery rate, so an oral cancer screening to diagnose mouth cancer is essential. This is why Dr. Kitzmiller offers oral cancer screening to diagnose mouth cancer near Cincinnati & Loveland OH.

Using both a visual evaluation as well as an ultraviolet light screening, Dr. Kitzmiller is able to assess you quickly and painlessly for oral cancer.

Mouth Cancer Prevention

  • If you didn’t already have a good reason to stop smoking, the possibility of mouth cancer is a good reason. This is the leading reason why people get mouth cancer.
  • Alcohol consumption can also be a contributor to getting mouth cancer.
  • Genetics can also be a factor in contracting mouth cancer.

For these reasons, Dr. Kitzmiller recommends his patients get an oral cancer screening at his Cincinnati practice near Loveland, OH. The oral cancer screening actually tests for HPV-related cancers.

Because what happens in your mouth can affect what happens in your body, we are careful to make sure you have the best oral health possible.

Ways to Keep your Mouth Healthy

  • oral cancer screening in Milford and Loveland OHYou heard it growing up and you’ll hear it again: brush your teeth twice a day. And floss once a day. Practicing consistent dental hygiene is a huge help in making sure your mouth is clean and healthy.
  • Eat healthy foods and limit the amount of sugar.
  • Brush after eating whenever possible.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Exercise often.

We want you to be healthy! Call our office in Milford OH and make an appointment today.