Restorative Dentistry

Dental Bridge And Dental Crown Services In Cincinnati

dental crown and dental bridge dentistry with a Milford OH dentist CincinnatiIf you have teeth missing or other issues that make your smile less beautiful than you’d like, Drs. Kitzmiller and their fantastic dental team have a variety of restorative dentistry treatments in Milford OH that can give you the smile of your dreams.

Restorative dentistry can remake a smile like you may not believe. The restorative dentistry treatments we provide at our Cincinnati office near Loveland OH include:

DENTAL IMPLANTS | If you have missing teeth, restorative dentistry offers dental implants. Implants are small titanium rods placed by a periodontist into your jawbone that become “new” tooth roots. Onto the dental implant tooth root, your dentist places a dental crown. The combination of dental crown and dental implant creates a “new” tooth that looks, feels and functions like your natural tooth but never gets a cavity!

DENTAL CROWNS | A dental crown is a cap for your tooth. If you have a tooth that has cracks, chips, a large amount of dental work, or a missing tooth, a dental crown can restore your smile beautifully. A dental crown is custom made to fit your smile in shape, size and color. Using restorative dentistry procedures, placing a dental crown is a beautiful, effective way to restore your smile.

restorative dentistry for dental crown in Loveland and CincinnatiDENTAL BRIDGE | If you are missing one tooth, your restorative dentistry doctor can place a dental bridge in that gap. A dental bridge is a device something like a retainer that spans between two teeth, each with a dental crown on it. The dental bridge is attached on each side to a dental crown. If you are missing more than one tooth, your dental bridge can be placed between two dental implants. A dental bridge is very secure. It looks and feels and functions like your natural tooth. So laugh, smile, get your photo snapped because your smile is restored to its natural beauty!

DENTURES | If you are missing teeth, dentures are a restorative dentistry option. In the past, dentures were simply an apparatus that looked like real teeth that adhered to your gums with adhesive. Now that type of denture can be far custom-made for you. We also offer permanent dentures, which are dentures that are permanently attached to dental implants.

Our dentists are committed to giving you a smile you will be proud to share. Call us today at our Milford, OH office! We are eager to serve everyone in the Cincinnati area, including Loveland, OH!