Sleep Apnea Treatment Process

sleep apnea treatment with a Cincinnati dentist near Loveland OH

The Sleep Apnea Treatment Process In Cincinnati

Dr. Kitzmiller and our Dental Sleep Medicine Treatment Coordinator will work with you to manage the sleep apnea treatment process from diagnosis to post-treatment follow-up for sleep problems in Milford OH. Dr. Kitzmiller will manage your Oral Appliance Therapy using medical practice protocol and medical, not dental, insurance.

In only a few visits, you can begin enjoying the healthy sleep and nights without snoring you deserve! Here are the steps to treat sleep problems today:

Step 1 – Evaluation
If you suspect that you may have obstructive sleep apnea near Cincinnati, take our Self Assessment quizzes and then call our dental office to speak to a member of our team about your score and your treatment options.

Diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea in Milford OH is made by a sleep specialist at an overnight sleep study in which a polysomnogram (PSG) or home sleep test (HST) is conducted. Dr. Kitzmiller works with all of the local sleep labs and will be happy to refer you to a trusted lab to schedule your sleep study.

Step 2 – Medical Insurance Verification
Dr. Kitzmiller and our team will manage medical insurance processing as part of your obstructive sleep apnea treatment experience with our office in Milford OH. Prior to initiating treatment, we will contact your medical insurance provider to verify benefits and identify documentation to effectively process claims. We’ll also discuss costs with you and help you customize a financing plan to make treatment affordable.

obstructive sleep apnea solutions in Milford OH and Cincinnati

Step 3 – Schedule your Treatment Visits
Through a series of prescheduled office visits to fix your sleep problems we’ll manage your obstructive sleep apnea treatment near Loveland OH. Fees include all of the following services:

  • Initial office visits to assess the health of the teeth and mouth and evaluate your medical and sleep factors. We will also review your sleep study and diagnosis. Impressions, digital X-rays, and measurements will be taken for the fabrication of your oral appliance.
  • Delivery of your appliance, including hands-on instruction on how to wear the appliance and care for it
  • Follow-up assessments at our office and home monitoring after delivery of your appliance to quantify your sleep apnea treatment results

Call today to schedule your complimentary obstructive sleep apnea consultation with Dr. Kitzmiller. Our Milford dental office provides Milford/Loveland OH and the Greater Cincinnati area with extraordinary care for healthy living and nights without snoring!