Smile Gallery

Simply put, you’ve changed my life.

For the last decade, I had been living with a mouth that was both problematic and embarrassing to me. My bite had deteriorated to a point where eating was difficult, and chewing was always done in one particular location of my mouth. And my smile revealed short, crooked teeth and a massive under-bite.

Over the years my embarrassment turned to the subconscious, as I would find myself with my lips tightly pressed together, even in time of happiness and laughter. I would constantly smile for pictures with my lips together, showing no teeth, and when I would laugh or talk, I would often find myself covering my mouth with my hand. This became a regular habit. From an outsider’s perspective, I looked unhappy.

I have always known the value of a smile. A smile brings happiness to others as well as yourself. People want to be around other smiling people. So when you and your office suggested this course of action for my mouth and teeth, I was all for it. Getting my bite right was important to me, but having that smile was what I was really after.

And boy, did I get it.

The process was exciting and much easier than I expected. You and your staff did a wonderful job explaining to me every step, asking if I had any questions, and making sure I was always comfortable.

I am now the new me. In the first few weeks of my new mouth I have found myself smiling almost constantly. I have confidence now to show people how I really feel. And hopefully, I’m able to spread a little happiness around with my smile.

Thanks again to you and your staff.

Tim Billies

My new smile has changed my life!

Growing up I had crooked teeth and I thought I had to live with it the rest of my life. Before coming to Dr. Kitzmiller I would quit smiling or cover up my smile when someone would talk to me and smile at me. I knew they were looking at my crooked teeth, not at me.

After seeing Dr. Kitzmiller, I’m a whole person again. In just one visit I had a new smile. Now I look people in the eye and smile at them! You wouldn’t think that one small change would make such a difference, but now people say “you have such a pretty smile!”

Changing my smile has been life changing. It has made this chapter of my life so much better. I wish I would have done it sooner.

Thank you Dr. Kitzmiller. Now I’m a whole person.

Andrea Parker