Snoring & Sleep Apnea Testimonials

“Treating sleep apnea isn’t just a service we provide in our office…it’s personal.

I knew that I snored, and my wife Lori routinely had to wake me to either stop snoring or to start breathing! After being diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea I started CPAP treatment. As a “rotisserie sleeper”, my rolling side to side caused real problems with the mask and hose. I heard about Oral Appliance Therapy and underwent extensive training to learn about sleep disorders and how to treat sleep apnea with a CPAP alternative, an oral appliance. After just a couple of weeks in my Oral Appliance, my wife said I no longer snored or gasped during the night. And she was sleeping better since she was no longer suffering from “second hand” sleep apnea!

My mission is to create awareness about sleep apnea and the importance of proper diagnosis and treatment. It can save your relationship and your life.”

-Dr. Timothy J. Kitzmiller

Excellent staff. Truly understand the concept of creating “Raving Fans”.

-Tom B.

I have been thrilled with the results from using my oral appliance. I saw improvement in just a few days and now I wake up rested, without the exhausted feeling. It is easy to use, every night and easy to care for. I can’t imagine the nightly noise and hassle of a CPAP machine, for me or my husband. Dr. Kitzmiller and Lori provided excellent care that was both knowledgeable and kind, answering my many questions.


After several years of struggling with a CPAP machine which was uncomfortable and confining, I was overjoyed to find an oral appliance that worked to treat my sleep apnea. My mouth appliance is easy to use, does not restrict my motions, and is very portable when traveling. My husband is grateful too!

-A. Stern

I am so glad I found you! The Somnodent is wonderful. It has replaced my big cumbersome CPAP and bite guard. I no longer have to take it along wherever I go and also distilled water to use in the CPAP. The Somnodent fits right in my purse!

-Jeanne V.

I was very much impressed with the entire staff and Dr. Kitzmiller. I had previously used a CPAP machine without total success.

Since using the oral appliance I feel 100% better! I’m rested, have energy and can feel the benefits of better sleep. It is easy to travel with, making traveling a breeze!

-J. Ernst

Dr. Kitzmiller and Lori explained every step of my sleep apnea process thoroughly. Both were very professional and friendly. I would recommend Dr. Kitzmiller to anyone who is tired of fighting a CPAP machine. I love my oral appliance and have never slept better! My husband said the very first night I used my oral appliance my snoring was gone!

-J. Fender

My husband and I are so pleased with how well this appliance helps me to sleep…quietly! He is getting more restful sleep and he says that I am quiet all night. I seem to have more energy to carry me all day through to bedtime. Thanks again!

-Cindy E.

CPAP was working fine for me. It became a nuisance when I needed to travel and I travel often. The TAP was an equal substitution for my sleep apnea but it far surpasses CPAP in convenience and comfort.

-R.D. Berry

The use of the oral appliance is much more comfortable than my BiPap machine. My husband is enjoying the quietness…no snoring and no sounds from a machine!

-P. Drees

I was very pleased with the way I was treated and the results of the oral appliance. Dr. Kitzmiller and his wife are professional and polite. I am happy with the results of the oral appliance. I feel much better, my concentration is improved and I’m alert. Thanks again!

-Ron C.

I find the oral dental appliance very effective in treatment of my sleep apnea. I love the fact that there is a tremendous ease of use which beats the heck out of plugging in, filling a water reservoir and attaching hoses to the facial area! The oral dental appliance “rocks”! Plus I can put it in my toiletry bag and go!

-D. Thaman

Wonderful experience all the way through! Device was fitted well and aside from getting used to an appliance in your mouth (not unlike getting used to the breathing mask for the CPAP) the transition went smoothly. The appliance is easy to maintain and, of course, far more portable than CPAP. Sleeping has been “snoring free” and restful. No constrictions that one must deal with on the CPAP!

-Charles P.

From my very first office visit I knew I was dealing with professionals who cared. I could not get used to the CPAP so my family doctor recommended that I call Dr. Tim Kitzmiller. After my initial visit I was fitted for the Somnodent. I had remarkeable improvement from ny first night’s experience. I have noticed continuous improvement each day. I approach each day with increased energy. Now I realize what a difference a good night’s sleep can make on how clear I view each day!

-J. Planes

I have been thrilled with the results from using my oral appliance. I saw improvement in just a few days and now I wake up rested, without that exhausted feeling. It is easy to use, every night, and easy to care for. I can’t imagine the nightly noise and hassle of a CPAP machine for me or my husband. Dr. Kitzmiller and Lori provided excellent care that was both knowledgeable and kind, answering my many questions. They made this an easy and uncomplicated solution to managing my sleep apnea.


I first actually went too a different doctor that had been recommended by the sleep disorder hospital where I had my sleep study done. There is no comparison to the way I was treated there versus the way I am treated at Dr. Kitzmiller’s office. I could not be happier with the care and attention provided by Lori and Dr. Kitzmiller.

-Robert H.

It has changed my life! I now know what feeling normal is all about when it comes to sleeping again. It’s great to be dreaming again!

-John O.

I had given up trying to treat my sleep apnea. The CPAP made my chronic sinus problems worse so it was not an option. The Oral Appliance Therapy was my last hope…and it works! I no longer snore and have a much more restful sleep. I would strongly recommend this approach to anyone with sleep apnea.

-A. Pyle

I arrived at Dr. Kitzmiller’s office worried, frustrated, skeptical, and desperate…I knew that the CPAP machine was not working for me. Everyone was kind, patient, and reassuring. The appliance has been wonderful! I sleep well and am awake during the day. I’m very pleased and grateful and have told everyone I know about it!


I had a bipap for years. I played around with every mask. I couldn’t keep them on. The hose was difficult to manage. I hated it. I finally stopped using it. Then I found Dr. Kitzmiller. After using the mouth piece I felt better within the first few weeks!


Awesome!! Health better…little or no snoring. Sending referrals as fast as I can!

-Kent S.

I went to Dr. K because I couldn’t tolerate CPAP. Dr. K explained sleep apnea, the oral appliance treatment and what to expect, thoroughly. The oral appliance has drastically improved my life…I sleep better and feel more rested. I have much more energy and less depression. It’s great!

-Gratefully, the “new” Judy G

I give Dr. Tim Kitzmiller and his wife Lori a 10 out of 10 overall in the treatment they gave me for my sleep apnea. I had heard from friends and family that I snored, but I did not realize I had mild apnea until I began my treatment wit Dr. Tim. All I knew was that I had a mild headache every morning and was tired during my day. I knew I did not want a CPAP or surgery. He explained my options. The Oral Appliance Dr. made for me is unbelievable! No more headaches and I’m much more rested. Plus I can’t grind my teeth which has been a lifelong problem. I know tht this treatment is going to add years to my life and healthy vitality!

-M. Wakeham

What an invention! This is great and it is very convenient. I was very pleased with the professionalism given to me. I have recommended this device to all of my friends as well as some acquaintances. This is so much better than CPAP. Thanks for a great job!

-Dave L.

Dr. Kitzmiller and his staff are both professional and personable. I was amazed at how easy it was to use the oral appliance. I now wake up refreshed and I don’t get tired during the day like I did before using the appliance. My wife is as pleased as I am. She also sleeps much better because she says “the freight train no longer roars through our bedroom at night.” I would highly recommend that if you have a sleeping disorder, you consider the oral appliance therapy.

-Ray S.

As you may recall, my experience with CPAP was less than positive. It did relieve the snoring and apnea but the side issues created even more resting challenges. I found Dr. Kitzmiller’s complete explanation of the “events” enlightening. Thank you for a successful result and positive experience.

-A. Camins

After 2 years of extreme and nearly debilitating fatigue, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and given a cpap machine. I made every effort to make it work for me but it was uncomfortable, loud, and in the end lost more sleep with it than I gained. I came to Dr. Kitzmiller desperate and within a few weeks was almost completely recovered. I had energy again, could concentrate and was able to go about my day without the flu-like symptoms. With the oral appliance there was very little adjustment witme and started feeling better after the first few nights. It’s a win-win for anyone who finds the CPAP machine intolerable!

-T. Mitchell